Summer With TR Hoover


This year's Theme: Digging into the Technology Learning Garden


TR Hoover's Summer Camp gave students an experience they will never forget. 

We had weekly field trips to places like the Crayola Factory and SeaWorld in San Antonio. We also had enrichment activities like making slime, learning about different cultures, and mentorship. 

We had over 40 students learning over the summer and it was all possible thanks to the many partners that offered their time, services, and donations. 

In addition to our normal summer camp fun we've added a new program; the technology learning garden. In partnership with HAK Electronics, we taught the students about coding and how it related to the garden. Students measured the temperature, humidity, and soil moisture while learning terminology like microcontrollers and circuits. 

We're dedicated to building the ideal community and making sure our students have exposure to as many different careers and opportunities as possible. 

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