TR Hoover CDC

Our Mission:

Building the Ideal Community

Hello! We're a 501(c)(3) organization focused on  providing for the South Dallas Community.


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Our Mission

TR Hoover is a 501(c)(3) organization focused on turning the narrative of the south Dallas community from a negative to a positive. We are members of the community, and accomplish our mission through community exposure, community education, community accountability, and community partnerships.

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Our Impact

Our long history is because of our impact in addressing the needs of our community. From health fairs, to passing out fresh vegetables, we focus on providing the tools our community needs to thrive. 



Thousand Dollars Raised from the community

Donations from generous donors help run the program and allow us to reach more members of the community. 



Years Serving communities

Through a variety of programming and a grass roots mentality of letting the community own its success. 



Thousand children Impacted

We're known for taking the students from our community, giving them a warm meal, and helping to develop them into future leaders. 


Our Programs

Our programs impact one of our four target impact areas:

  • Community Exposure

  • Community Education

  • Community Accountability

  • Community Partnerships


Keeping it off the streets

Keeping It Off The Streets Program provides a safe haven for young people in the 75215 zip code from ages 4-14 that includes educational and enrichment activities. During the summer months, we offer a comprehensive summer camp for an incredible experience.

Community Garden

Our community garden provides students and the community a place to grow vegetables and learn about healthy eating and cooking.

Neighborhood Association

Our community meetings address the needs and desires of the community members. We have them periodically.



Health fairs

Health fairs help provide the community with free checkups and other medical needs. Keep an eye out for our next one.


On tr hoover

If we help someone along, then they will help someone else along. That is how we will build the ideal community.

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Get Involved

Here's how to get involved. There are always opportunities to join us in making an impact. 


Sign Up For a Program

Our programs are for the community. There are options for children and adults alike. 

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteer opportunities include everything from meal prep to landscaping. Come find out how you can impact the community. 

Make a Donation

Donations help our programs run, and also help to make sure that we are able to support the community.