How TR Hoover Started

In 1988, the plight of an elderly resident and the assistance she received from neighbors led to the organization of a neighborhood Crime Watch program. The success of the Crime Watch program and the vigilance of its members paved the way for the formation of the “Ideal” Neighborhood Association – a grassroots organization – committed to addressing and improving the noticeable decline of their community. In 1997, Ideal became a CDC and changed its name to T.R. Hoover with a charge to alleviate blighted conditions and address the housing needs of the community.

The name change was significant to the Ideal/T.R. Hoover community. T.R. Hoover, an African-American, was one of the original builders of homes in the neighborhood with an early commitment to improving the quality of life in South Dallas. T.R. Hoover is the great-grandfather of the current CDC director.

The organization’s mission is to strengthen the Ideal neighborhood through partnerships with its residents, associations, local institutions and other public, private and nonprofit organizations while providing wholesome development of housing, economic development and community services.

The majority of the staff, board and volunteers live in this community they serve.  The affections, attachments and expectations are strong.  For many, the organization’s mission has become a self-fulfilling ministry of service to others – they believe the adage, “I am my brother’s keeper.” The CDC is seen as the “good thing” happening in the neighborhood and the hope of the good things to come.

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H Kennedy