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T.R. Hoover’s mission is to strengthen, empower, and provide holistic, collaborative services that impact the South Dallas community through affordable housing, economic, and community development. We advocate and address the issues of poverty, economic divestment, blight, infrastructure decline, neighborhood safety, and the rising levels of unemployment. 

In the late 80s, we began as a grassroots neighborhood association that later became recognized as the Ideal Neighborhood Association, composed of low income families seeking to reverse the negative trends developing within their community. In 1997, a small group from the association went on to form            T. R. Hoover Community Development Corporation (TRHCDC), and received its 501(c)(3) and began identifying and addressing the issues of economic divestment, blight, infrastructure decline, neighbourhood safety and the rising levels of unemployment within the South Dallas Community.

TRHCDC began work with its residents to help shape the life of its community. Through hard work and great support from its residents, the results led to the construction of the TRHCDC Multipurpose Center, the building of 55 new single infill homes.

Currently, T.R. Hoover CDC serves children, adults, and seniors in the South Dallas area through programs like after school and summer care, seniors helping seniors, referral services for those in need of housing and food, licensed counseling, donation giveaway tables, ESL training, and seasonal programs.

Sherri Mixon
Executive Director, Mentor, Change Agent



Our organization's vision is to make systematic changes in the lives of people in the South Dallas Community using the non-profit organization, T.R. Hoover as the vehicle of change. We will build sustainable communities through partnerships that promote economic development through education and community engagement. It is our belief through faith if we help inner-city communities transform, then we help cities improve and model a more desired outcome.

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